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Heretic Parfums reviews
The perfume itself is wonderful. However, I received a damaged bottle that unfortunately caused 1/4(ish) of the product to leak out. It actually caused the label to peel off as well.
too much sandalwood
I was hoping for more vanilla to come through but it was barely there. The sandalwood was too much and p much the only thing I smelled. Personally, it smelled a bit tacky to me and very masculine in not a good way.
Not as sweet or warm as expected
The description "leave your vanilla expectations at the door" is true for this scent. It's main note may claim to be vanilla but that's not the notes that I pick up (in fact vanilla extract is the last ingredient on the list). To me this perfume has more a licorice scent made a bit warmer and deeper by adding cinnamon and cedar. So perhaps the coriander scent is more noticable compared to the vanilla. I'd describe this scent as mature and femanine, warm and woodsy (maybe even spicy) with sweetness only in the lingering scent. Not at all what I expected. Not bad, but I wouldnt buy a bottle of it, so I'm glad I tried this sample instead.
Beautiful scent
This is not a classic vanilla scent, it's warm and the vanilla doesn't overpower it. It's awesome!
It just wasn’t my favorite
I was really hopping for more vanilla to come through sadly tho it was more of a mature smell. It is however more of a fall smell and that was what I was looking for that. Most people I asked about it said they also liked it but no one loved it.
Literally smells like 420
Not my thing. Smells too much like pot.
It has a subtle smell of all the fragrances listed. I can’t stop smelling my wrists!
Intoxicating - in the best way!!!
Not for me
I honestly didn’t get any “vanilla” in this. It says it explores vanillas “sweeter side”. No. It’s a lot of, like, Amber musk smell that’s way too spicy.
Smells great
Smells great, very rich and warm. But didn’t really last very long.
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