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Heretic Parfums reviews
if you like the smell of dirt, you'll love this fragrance.
it reminds me of when I finally turn my furnace on lol
Dirty Coconut
Fantastic, fresh and real coconut scent. It isn't overpowred by the other notes which i love. Leans feminine. I will be buying a full size!!!! I love it !!!
Really good scent
I actually really like the smell of it but at the same time it’s really strong so it kind of made me feel sick from how strong it is.
Not my fave.
I am not a huge fan of this perfume. I thought it would be a nice coconutty smell, maybe a little musky but not overpowering. This smelled like musty/dirt covered fake coconut scent. I didn't like it at all, but maybe it was just the way it settled down on my skin. I usually love coconut.
Spicy but flat
Spicy but flat smelling. I don’t get any vanilla from it. They’re is nothing warm or soft about it. Just spicy and one dimensional like potpourri.
Not Disappointed
It does live up to its name. I love a good sexy, beach-y smell and this is going on with my new bathing suit. I have an adventurous personality and it’s a great statement. Very pleased.
This smelt like old dirt
Delicious scent but spicier than I thought it’d be
I was really excited for this one, but it’s a little spicier and stronger than I’d like.
pretty dull, very short lasting, smells like a body spray that you can purchase in the health and body section at your local shoppers/London drugs etc...
Definitely DIRTY coconut
This does have a nice coconut smell but it’s hard to enjoy because it literally smells like dirt
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