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Guerlain reviews
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Bought a full sized bottle
I was nervous about this one but I'm currently obsessed. Its like a warm hug that gently lingers all day. Worth the money. I loved it.
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Not Impressed
The scent was to light /soft ,and didn't last long at all...
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Mon Guerlain
I love it! It is sweet and woodsy but not too overpowering. I could smell the sandalwood, vanilla and jasmin. Smells sophisticated and warm. It would be perfect for a date night. Definitely worth the few extra $'s aaannd would love to buy a bottle... sometime... in the future. 🤷‍♀️😍
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Love this scent!
Love it. Lasts all day.
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Migraine inducing
This perfume is trying to edge out Estée Lauder youth dew for the number one spot of most awful smelling perfumes. Omg it’s absolutely horrible. If you attempt to wear this, please do the rest of the world a favor and spray it in your bedroom and walk through your living room to apply. That should be enough for the entire week. I couldn’t even give this one away. I didn’t want to smell this stench on another woman. I threw it in the trash. Omg who okayed this sent and wtf is wrong with their nose???
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Love the lavender notes
I know some call this blasé but I really like. I love lavender and I love the combo in Mon Guerlain.
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Smells so good!
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Love it!
I'm ordering another one...that's how much I love this scent!
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I’m obsessed
This is a gorgeous fragrance. Each note can be detected but yet they blend together to make a sophisticated scent that is perfect for anytime. It is soft, yet noticeable. I bought a full size bottle immediately.
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A beautiful scent profile that I didn’t know I’d love
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