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Grace de Monaco reviews
Too mature smelling. Like older womam
Th r smell was much heavier than I expected. Strong smell of alcohol
Beautiful Fall Fragrance
At first this fragrance is exactly as described when you first apply. You can smell the florals all blended together so perfectly. The only complaint is on me it did not last which surprised me as it is a bolder fragrance when applying so I had hoped it would last throughout the day… Unfortunately this did not happen BUT I also know I am not like most people and require a strong scent. So I would definitely recommend to those that enjoy the notes in this fragrance to give it a try as it’s quite beautiful.
The warmth of amber is amazing!
So glad I picked this as my first Scentbird. The warm tones of wood and amber followed by the crisp citrusy bergamot are a perfect statement scent for me. A winner for my nose!
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