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Grace de Monaco reviews
This is the perfect floral scent for anyone looking for something subtle but noticeable. For sure in my top 3 would recommend this to anyone
Do Not Like At All
Please never send again
nice soft smell
long lasting
Not my style
This floral notes along with the mushiness made it smell like patchouli and flowers.
Smells like something my grandma would wear
This is a HEAVY floral perfume. It reminds me of something my grandma would wear or if you went to a 1960s black tie gala where people were smoking indoors and they were trying to cover it up with heavy floral perfume. Such a bummer- had high hopes.
I like it!
very subtle scent that's pleasant...
It's a older generation smell I'm not going to say old lady smell but not for me
More of a musty odor woman smell it don't stink is just not for a younger audience something my grandmother will wear not for no one I feel personally in there 60's and under probably 80s and above but it don't stink just not for me.
Very good
String but nice
Terrible scent. Smelled very old lady if that makes sense. Def not for me.
This light, powdery elegant floral is definitely worth a look. I wasn't sure what to expect out of a celebrity brand - even if the celebrity was the great Princess Grace - but this is one of the loveliest sweet florals I've sampled in ages. I may even buy a bottle!
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