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Gendarme reviews
The scent is clean, but smells like bar soap to me.
Just how I like it.
it's could be better
not strong enough nor sent not lasting
Smells like Colgate shaving cream
This smells like the white foamy shave cream my dad used back in the day. If you like that scent, just get some shave cream instead of cologne.
Great first scent
Very subtle which I like and smells as expected
Love the lavender scent
not great not horrible
it smells nice and is a very warm scent it just doesnt go super well in the fall or winter i feel like. screams more of a spring summer smell yaknow?
Loved this scent
The scent was okay at best
Not strong and didn’t smell that good
Not for me
This smelled too soapy/powdery for my liking. I can see it being a nice scent to spritz in my clothing drawers or maybe right after a shower to feel fresh, but for going out or everyday wear, it's not for me.
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