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Amazing scent , not to over powering
smelled like shaving cream?
no lie, smells exactly like shaving cream. nice though
Gender Me: Grandma? Hipster? Hygienic.
The description is pretty accurate if you have a good olfactory sense. It opens with citrus; though, personally the lemon/lime is overpowered by the bergamot, IMO bergamot on its own isn't the quintessential "citrus" scent most people are expecting. The lemon/lime scent does present itself sometime afterward, but it's short lived. At the height of it's strength it's very floral, and grandmarish, but the leather does ground it into a subtle masculinity. It's very clean, and if you've ever longed for the the scent of soap to last just a tad longer this may be an option for you.. depending on the soap you like..With my body chemistry it settles into a pleasant sun tan lotion scent, maybe it's the leather tannins I'm picking up on, but at one point I got a hint of coconut. Spray all over your body after a shower, before bed, or hours before a date, as it wanes you will smell simply "clean."
Smells like laundry detergent.
So, not unpleasant. Just not a fragrance you’d expect on the skin.
Smells horrible. 15 bucks down the drain.
Amarla great but doesn’t last as long.
Not my cup of tea
This wasn’t what I expected from my scent profile. It smelled to herb like.
Not the scent that I like
Not the scent that I like
Not very good
Smelled old
It’s too strong
I got head rushes from one spray
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