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Gendarme reviews
Gendarme Grabazzi
This sent right here should be in every man's repertoire for cologne this right here is a bona fide panty wetter👍
Smells like an old woman’s perfume
It just wasn’t for me. Too strong, more floral than citrus. And not masculine.
just yuck...follow me for more reviews!
all poured out before it got here
bottle came empty, not screwed on right.
Most disappointed
This is a Cologne that smells like soap s a pleasing scent. My daughters and wife said no. Don’t wear That. ☹️
Too chemically
It’s not a terrible scent but it’s way too chemically. You taste it while you wear it. It’s also a bit too feminine for my taste. A hard pass for me.
clean but soapy
not bad, smells like soap. not my favorite
Wonderful airy scent
Very light and airy. Love it!
Lemon Pledge
This smells like straight up industrial bathroom cleaner. It doesn’t smell like bergamot to me — just intense, overpowering lemon pledge.
Not for me
The smell is very grandfather old fashioned smell. Not my favorite
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