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Gendarme reviews
Very nice!
This is a clean, fresh scent. Doesn’t have a strong fragrance and not long lasting.
Gendarme clean and warm.
This smells fantastic. clean scent, and smells warm.
It was a terrible scent, nothing like the description...smells of cheap dollar store cologne..
smelt like grandma
Was nice, but not for me!
The sent is nice and fairly light, but just not something I can see myself wearing. I like something with more depth.
Not what I expected
It's better. I get more floral than I thought there would be, but the clove and citrus gives a nice bite. I was looking forward to the cola berry, because I never experienced it before. I love it! Thanks
Great smell that lasts long
Only a 4 year old celebrating their birthday with bubbles would like this scent
That's it, that's the review. Smells like a mixture of bubbles and Play-Doh. Not a scent for any adult, ever. Gross.
This one smells to me like old man. It did not smell better after application.
Old Man
powdery and sweet on top of some spice, but very old man/lady.
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