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Scentbird Sky Blue Fragrance Case rating and reviews

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Average rating (9 reviews)
3 out of 5
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Age: 55 to 64
Sweet Case
Case is sweet & cool 😎. Makes me smile and do an inner happy dance when I twist up my fragrance to get my smell on. What more could you ask from a small portable case?
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Missing items
I only received my fragrance and my case was left out. First time this has happened but if not resolved in a timely manner than I will not buy anymore.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Age: 45 to 54
Skin type: Normal
Loved it
It was light.
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Age: 45 to 54
Skin type: Dry
Sky Blue Case
I like this color & case.
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Age: 35 to 44
Skin type: Dry
Still Waiting!
Ordered my new case on June 25 and my order is still in processing... What happened to my case being shipped in 5 days? This is not the first time my orders are taken way longer than expected or advertised.
Rated2on the scale of0to5
Age: 45 to 54
Skin type: Normal
Bottle gets stuck
At first I thought I was putting the bottle into the case wrong, but when I tried it with the other case it worked just fine. So I know it’s the because I’ve tried it several times and keep getting the same results.
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Age: 45 to 54
Perfume case
I love the color, but when I change out the bottle the perfume does not twist down. I think its defective and don't know how to get an exchange.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Love the color!
Love the color! Wish I could afford all the colors!
Lisa photo
Me too!! I love all the colors!!
Rated3on the scale of0to5
Age: 35 to 44
cool color
Laura photo
3 stars isn't a very good score. What caused you to give such a low rating ... Was there something wrong with the product?
Rochelle photo
I think for the price of the perfume you should get a free case every month if you subscribe for two or more bottles. $10 for a case is costly