Find Your Exceptional Etat Libre d`Orange Perfume for Women

Etat Libre d`Orange reviews
Didn’t like
Wasn’t my style
I'm baffled
So, initially it was sharp and almost offensive. like if a stranger unexpectedly insulted you in the grocery store checkout line with a quick comment like "your shoes look like shit" or something. it dries down warmer and smokier... I smell like a tree, but also an ashtray. I'm okay with it 🤷🏻‍♀️ this will take some confidence to wear and I'm here for it. as a woman wearing this, it feels like a major power move.
Smells nice
A little mature but the depth and spice are lovely.
Not my fav
I was disappointed in this scent-not at all what I thought I would be getting with the scent profile.
nice, clean scent
i expected the mint notes to make this a sharp scent, but the proportions are just right. this is a clean scent, fresh and for me is appropriate for winter going into spring. i like this one.
just want I need
The scent fit what I wanted for the longest.
Great for winter
This is a very gender neutral scent great for fall or winter. it smells like mulled spices with a big hint of fresh citrus. When it dries down it smells like ginger bread. It is very strong at first, and if you easily get headaches this is for you, but it does level out quite quickly.
Overall, a nice scent
The opening was very elegant and floral, but the woods were strong and a bit smoky as the scent dried. It's long lasting and that may be great for some. I'm happy with my decant but don't anticipate buying a whole bottle.
The worst!
It’s is the perfect mixture of clean and sweet. Will definitely buy again!
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