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Etat Libre d`Orange reviews
Not my cup of tea
The description sounded right up my alley. However, the outcome has left me disappointed. This fragrance reminds me of a cologne from my youth and I can't quite put my finger on it - something you could buy at a drugstore.
Great base layer
This is a mild-mannered fragrance - mellow and warm. Not a lot of sillage on its own. I enjoy blending it with other fragrances, especially those with a bright citrus top note.
Good but not great
I’ve had a love hate relationship with etat libre d’orange. I think some of their fragrances are beautiful but a lot of them smell like all the other ones in their line. I like this scent, I think. It’s definitely gender neutral, not too sweet but very earthy. Unfortunately my preference skews to the sweeter side so if you like sweeter mint Imaginary Authors has a beautiful sweet mint scent that I love.
Strong but nice
The first sniff made me sneeze but after it settles it smells so good!
not my bag
smelled a bit masculine for my taste preference
Just, eww.
Perhaps I was biased from the get go, as the idea of wearing a scent called "I am Trash" was a hurdle in itself. Adding a scent, for me anyways, should inspire confidence or uplift mood. The name is not exactly an affirmation. However, I did not find it smelled anything like the description. It was supposed to be "aromatic fruity", but all I got was musk, musk, and more musk. It was very patchouli-esque (a specifically off-putting scent to me). So overall, I found this completely unappealing.
I have been trying every fragrance with cedar notes, and this perfume is grounded by cedar at its base. I am surprised that many people are picking up rotting fruit smells. I get the blood orange and strawberry mingled with the muskier cedar. It's very pretty, but I wish the fruit notes would stand out more and that it lasted longer.
I’m just underwhelmed. It doesn’t really match what the fragrance says in the description. Overall just sort of let down by this brand:/ I’m bummed I wasted a month on getting this and the “you or someone like you” by the same brand. Smells like cleaning supplies/chemicals.. scents are all up to people preferences but I just don’t vibe with it
Overhyped.. wish I read some reviews first
I’ve been watching a ton of “unique/ head turning perfume” videos on TikTok and YouTube and this one was all over the place. I lived in France for a long time so naturally, I’m drawn to any sort of French brand or name. Regardless, I was so underwhelmed by the scent. I had such high hopes! The scent falls flat, feels very one sided.. like there just aren’t many notes? Best description is that it smelled like I had accidentally gotten some cleaning spray on me. Didn’t smell rich or full of body if that makes sense. Honestly would not recommend at all:/ in the same order I got the remarkable people perfume from the same brand. It’s better than this one but nothing special at all. Truly a disappointment from this brand and I won’t be selecting from them anymore. (This makes me sound so angry haha it’s just nut my vibe and I think it’s overhyped)
Absolutely loved it, wished it was a bit more long lasting
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