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Etat Libre d`Orange reviews
I’m just underwhelmed. It doesn’t really match what the fragrance says in the description. Overall just sort of let down by this brand:/ I’m bummed I wasted a month on getting this and the “you or someone like you” by the same brand. Smells like cleaning supplies/chemicals.. scents are all up to people preferences but I just don’t vibe with it
Overhyped.. wish I read some reviews first
I’ve been watching a ton of “unique/ head turning perfume” videos on TikTok and YouTube and this one was all over the place. I lived in France for a long time so naturally, I’m drawn to any sort of French brand or name. Regardless, I was so underwhelmed by the scent. I had such high hopes! The scent falls flat, feels very one sided.. like there just aren’t many notes? Best description is that it smelled like I had accidentally gotten some cleaning spray on me. Didn’t smell rich or full of body if that makes sense. Honestly would not recommend at all:/ in the same order I got the remarkable people perfume from the same brand. It’s better than this one but nothing special at all. Truly a disappointment from this brand and I won’t be selecting from them anymore. (This makes me sound so angry haha it’s just nut my vibe and I think it’s overhyped)
Absolutely loved it, wished it was a bit more long lasting
exit the king
love the patchouli!!
Smells like a mojito
This is a nice scent, but maybe for a candle. I love mojitos, but I don’t think I like smelling like one.
Smells like rotting fruit
Not my thing. For about 5 min it had a nice citrusy smell that turned into a rotting vegetation smell. Not my bag
Smells exactly like it says and it smells wonderful! My only issue is it definitely doesn't have longevity. Within the hour it's gone.
Not perfect, but good!
heard about this scent on TikTok. I like it well enough but wouldn't call it my all time fav. I do like that it is a floral scent that isn't too powdery or matronly.
Good but not great
I really enjoy how complex this scent is but unfortunately I find it smells a little to burnt or bitter for my personal tastes.
The scent was okay but not really my personal taste. I was expecting it to smell a bit more citrusy/pumpkin-y. Instead it reminds me of the smell of wine for some reason. Fruity alcohol smell. It gives me a headache whenever I wear it. It doesn't really smell horrible to me or anything, I just don't want to smell like it, and won't be buying the full size.
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