Find an Exceptional Etat Libre d`Orange Perfume for Men

Etat Libre d`Orange reviews
lots of compliments
I didn't think I would like this but I got tons of compliments on it
Warm yummy
Smells great
Love it!
This is a bit of a weird one - definitely not an everyday scent, but it's fun if you're in the right mood.
Smells clean and warm
I dont get the pumpkin exactly but this perfume smells like those people you meet and go oooo they smell good. And it just got better as it warmed on my skin
Smells like a man’s cologne.
The smell was too strong and too masculine for my taste.
The scent is so sweet and fresh! Absolutely love this scent I just wish it lasted longer!
Pretty good
If you want to try something different this is the sent to try. It’s little too strong but not so much that I wouldn’t wear it. And the scent is nice, just alittle different. It doesn’t smell girly or masculine.
Vraie Blonde
I like this scent! When opening, I smelled the patchouli right away! I am a patchouli lover! That is a plus right away! After applying, the scents mingled and became less pronounced, but that is fine, still liked the scent. Wore it to a meeting and could still smell it 3 hours later, which is amazing for me!! I wouldn't wear this on date night, but would wear it to girls night out. I can see this as a uni-sex scent, it would smell good on a man also. All in all, I will wear this til it is gone and am happy with this scent.
Great For Early Autumb
This is a nice, office and school friendly fragrance that smells (at least, to me) like the description. It will be my go to for the transition from summer to autumn.
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