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Very interesting idea
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Ellie Saab L’Eau Couture
Soft sweet scent
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Was just ok
Was just ok for me
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Too sweet & one dimensional. This is my least favorite Elle Saab fragrance I’ve ever smelled. The floral note was lost in the musk & sweetness.
Too one dimensional.i don’t like this fragrance at all & I usually love Elle Saab. The floral is totally lost by the vanilla, musk, & almond smell that all mixes together to just smell SWEET. I am not going tp personalize my review because there isn’t a “SICKLY SWEET” or “NOWHERE” is where i would wear it. I gave it away. Waste of $14.95!
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Beautiful scent however it does not have staying power
Beautiful scent however it does not have staying power...
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I didn't care for the fragrance on me. I felt like i I smelled like an old lady smell kind of along the lines of white diamond.
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Great I loved it
I love the way i smelled nice soft but long lasting smell I really loved!!!
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Light spring scent
Reminds me of honey suckles
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Such a beautiful scent
I love this fragrance! Every time I wear someone asks me what I’m wearing!
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It’s soft and elegant. You’ll get noticed.
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