Find Your Exceptional EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh Perfume for Women

EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh reviews
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Femme de Handsome
i was stoked to get this as I freaking love hyacinth. it kiiiiiiinda has a reminiscence of the flowers. it's a deeper floral musk tusk husk. i bet the cologne version is dope. i totes dig it but it didn't "holy freaking cow" me, and my socks are still on... but so is this perfume.
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I was hoping for more of the bergamot/vetiver scent and less of the feminine floral scent , gave it to my wife!!!
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smells very floral, it does not last very long
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Fresh and Clean
Smells like springtime
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I dont like florals just dont know how to delete them from my profile
I dont like floras
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Still a great pick
It smells good everyone liked it but I personally didn’t like it smelled a little bit more like perfume to me than cologne but some people might like that
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I normally like violet. this didn't smell like violets on me. idk what the smell was, but it was too old ladyish on me.
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Boyfriend loves it!!!
Boyfriend asked what I was wearing that smelled so good!
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Smells amazing way better than I expected.
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This is amazing
I got compliments all the time. It smells so rich, glamorous, so classic and so mysterious. It is powerful so a little goes a long way. I will purchase the bigger bottle once I’m no longer poor.
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