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Donna Karan reviews
quite powdery at the start
It smelled quite a bit like baby powder at the start and I was not feeling it. After a few hours, that faded and the other notes started popping through. I could still smell it on my skin the next day and that's when I love it the most. Light and cashmere for sure.
My new favorite!
I love love this one. It is my new favorite! My husband compliments me every time I use it.
This is one of my favorite fragrance. I love it.
Scent starts out strong...
Clean scent that starts out strong but dwindles quickly
This is pretty soft and fresh but didn’t seem to last long
Enjoy this on nice cool fall days
Cashmere mist…wonderful
My absolute favorite. So elegant and classic.
Fades too quickly
I love the scent but it doesn’t last very long
I love the deoderant stick but...
The notes as described are fine, but the smell is nothing like the deodarant stick. Came off as more of a musk. Not my favourite.
Not for me
I get migraines and was hoping this would be soft enough. Unable to tolerate forals
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