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Donna Karan reviews
Very light scent fresh powdery sweet scent smells amazing on my daughter she really likes it
Old goody
This isn’t new to me, I just haven’t used it in a long time.
Absolutely love
This sent is undescribable absolutely love it
My kind of Scent!!!
Just the perfect type of scent, that has a woodsy scent, which for me is my type of scent. Couldn't ask for anything much better!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!
Cashmere Mist
Absolutely my favorite! I always receive compliments. It's not over powering, it's magical! I am crazy picky and this is a touch of heaven! Mainly I love the smell and feel beautiful and confident when I wear it!
Soft Cashmere
Hubby loves this scent on me. It is soft and lasts long.
One of my favorite scents
When you spray it at first it smells ok but once it starts drying its like the scent starts smelling a little off. Most of the perfume I get smell good but this time I didn't like it. So disappointing
I didn't like it at all. I don't really know how to even describe what reminds me of. I can't really describe how it even smells on me other than pretty bad.
simple and pretty
definitely not too strong but i wouldn’t want a fragrance with these notes to be super strong. smells like a sweater, a rly nice autumn winter scent that isn’t overwhelming
Not a fan
Go for it if your over 70 or like smelling 70 and over
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