Dolce & Gabbana Sport Colognes

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Dolce and Gabbana sport cologne

Sport fragrances are some of the most versatile scents a man can have at the ready. They’re light, clean, and perfect of course for a gym workout, or as a transitional fragrance from the gym to late-night adventures. The trick is to wear them lightly, and not overdo their signature invigorating qualities. A few quick sprays, and you’re good.

And sport fragrances when they’re done well can elevate out of the gym bag and into your more formal, suit-and-tie situations. Dolce and Gabbana sport fragrances exemplify how a fresh, clean, easygoing scent can become something compelling with the right attention to detail. So leave the drugstore shelves behind and allow yourself to experience a sport scent with a little more backbone and Italian influence the next time you dress to the nines. Here’s why we love Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport:

Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport - The One Sport’s opens with a clever and unexpected pairing of rosemary with an aquatic accord, followed by the dry, cool, green feel of sequoia tree bark and aromatic cardamom. The sequoia’s cool demeanor relaxes the energy in this cologne into a laid-back, contemplative, and calm profile.

If you find that The One Sport appeals to you, definitely check out The One for Men, and The One Gentlemen as well. Each of these colognes has a strong, masculine turn on spicier, Oriental styles that are ideal for relaxing with friends or turning your style up as far as it can go.

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