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Find Your Exceptional Dolce & Gabbana Perfume for Men

D&G Perfumes for Men

Dolce & Gabbana makes colognes for men that are so well-made and confident in their style, that to leave them out of your arsenal is just doing yourself a sartorial disservice. It?s one thing to want a cologne so you can ?smell good?, and quite another to have a collection of ?superhero? scents. Dolce & Gabbana?s line takes care of your business in a sophisticated, laid-back, and masculine manner. It?s just one less thing you have to keep track of when you want to get your game on.

So, check it: Dolce & Gabbana has a cologne for anything you want to achieve:

For a first date that?s a guaranteed second date, you gotta go with Dolce & Gabbana?s The One Gentleman. This is a daring, spicy cologne with a calm, buttoned-up profile. Fresh lavender, brisk fennel, and exotic cardamom blend into a virile and memorable scent that will subtly accent your already-impeccable taste. You can?t ask for a better first impression scent than this.

When it?s just you and your crew out late, your best bet is to try Dolce & Gabbana?s Intenso. Intenso pairs a refreshingly cool, green vibe with spicy-sweet labdanum and polished sandalwood for the ultimate in effortless charm. Intenso is one-stop shopping for an ?what?s THAT you?re wearing?? automatic ice-breaker moment.

If you need a focusing fragrance for the office, look no further than Dolce & Gabbana?s Pour Homme. This is an all-time classic scent with all the professionally-appropriate boxes checked off: a hit of juicy citrus, and a spine of dry woods and fresh floral notes. Not only will it carry you through the 9-5 jungle, but it?s also a no-effort scent for blowing off steam at your local when you deserve a pint for your efforts. offers not only these colognes, but several others from the Dolce & Gabbana men?s line that should have an equal pride of place in your olfactory wardrobe. And at only $14.95 a month for an ENTIRE month?s supply of scent, you?d be hard-pressed to find better value in cutting-edge cologne style. So check them all out, and rock D&G like the superhero you are under that two-button suit.

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