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Diana Vreeland reviews
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Not a fan
Smells like an old lady
Rated2on the scale of0to5
Simple divine
Not my first choice
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Not my cup of tea
I didn't care for this scent whatsoever. It was simply awful on me. I always like to give a fragrance a try but had to wash it off after 5 minutes.
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Not what I thought
This was not what I expected. It’s very much for an older clientele. I would definitely not get this again. Yuck
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Too mature for me
I see why this perfume doesn’t have good reviews. I took a risk in getting this fragrance. I don’t like the scent it gives. It gives me old woman vibes. It’s definitely a smell I have never smelled before. It just didn’t do it for me.
Rated1on the scale of0to5
too woodsy smelling ...I like high floral tones.
send another jasmine like sample.
Rated4on the scale of0to5
I just love how soft is the smell.
Rated3on the scale of0to5
Won’t try again
Rated1on the scale of0to5
Smells disgusting
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Absolutely gorgeous.
This is a very decadent scent. So incredibly pretty I readded it to my queue.
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