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Davidoff reviews
expected scent
it's as to be expected.
It’s such a versitle scent it’s like a little black dress
Smells good
I have worn this scent before and love how it smells on me and my wife loves the smell and how good it smells on me.
smells great
wonderful smell that last a good amount of time without being too over powering
cool water
I use to wear this to church and always got response.
DAVIDOF/Run Wild For Her
I fell in love with this perfume! It smells wonderful,& I am so happy I chose to try it.
Wearing again as a remembrance to one of my best friends who's passed on. I wore it on the 90's and early 00's. Always grabs attention without overpowering - clean, fresh, different. Loved it then - still love it. I have nearly 100 colognes, and I've been trying them all...takes awhile to get back to number one.
this is sexy fresh long lasting great performance. I need a full bottle.
I was so happy with this scent. Feminine yet delicate.
light, pretty scent
This smells so good! Fresh and feminine without being sweet or too strong. Highly recommend.
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