Find Your Exceptional CoSTUME NATIONAL Perfume for Women

Nothing to show
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pretty good
personally I like this smell, but it's definitely not one that everyone is going to love, also the scent is a little overwhelming so drowning in it isn't necessary
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Love the spicy notes that tingle the senses. Can see how this scent might not be for everyone, but if you're looking for stand out staple, this could be for you. Works great for my scents of style!
Cinnamon and clove linger nicely. Definitely sticks around 8+ hours.
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Charmingly Complex
BEST USED IN SMALL QUANTITIES!!! It's very strong, but so beautiful when you get the right amount. it's got a slight Christmas-y quality to it, but smells a little different every time you catch a waft of it. Lots of different aspects to it but somehow they all work well together!
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My sents
Just love these
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Good but faint
It smelled good and true to description, but faded quick. Still I liked the smell
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didn't like smell
I DIDNT like this scent. It was a very strong and not good scent. Hated it
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Not gonna wear it.
The notes in this scent were not what I was expecting, it smelled very old fashioned and honestly just not good. I won’t be wearing it.
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Too strong
I did not like this at all. Not my preference.
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Very Intense!
Great deep woody fragrance. Starts out strong but as it sets it becomes almost creamy . Found myself sniffing my wrist all day. Would recommend.
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one of the best yet. thank you
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