Find Your Exceptional CoSTUME NATIONAL Perfume for Men

Full bottle worthy
Great fun summer scent.
Cinnamon and Clove Dominate
I absolutely love this scent, but it's a bit heavy - winter wear imo. The cinnamon and clove dominate for me. I love how spicy-woody it is. I'll be getting a bottle for sure.
smells fine, for 30 seconds. after that it's gone.
Love the brand
Hates this scent but tried because costume national SONUDE is my favourite smell ever
This had none of the scents described. It was a very light scent that just didn't smell like the description. I didn't smell any amber at all, nor incense.
Not my style
Definitely could
Spice Heaven Perfect for Fall/winter
This is now one of my Fav scents I put it in my top 10-15 of all time great scent
Spicy manly smell
Thus scent is great for a date or even going to the office. Its spicy scent got my alot of compliments
Tried and tested
This has been one of my faves for Years
This is not punk rock to me, and smells more like an herb shop than an art gallery. All I smell is woods, no jasmine or amber. So disappointed. It’s a strong cologne to me.
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