Find a Great CoSTUME NATIONAL Cologne for Women

Nothing to show
This is not punk rock to me, and smells more like an herb shop than an art gallery. All I smell is woods, no jasmine or amber. So disappointed. It’s a strong cologne to me.
Not your usual blue scent, this has character and deep. Not for everyone. It’s strong and spicy.
Good fig flavor with musky aftertaste
I'm a sucker for sweet dark fig colognes, and this one has it, with zesty oud and anise accents on top. Interesting earthy musty notes in the middle, with a nice sweet balanced sweet finish. Only negative is a zingy grassy/resiny finish that eventually becomes a gamey patchouli musk over time, especially the longer you wear it - which i don't find that appealing. Great evening scent, questionable in less formal settings - not for all occasions. The strange finish pulls down the score a bit but I love it overall.
This is a evening/date night sultry statement perfume for a woman. Also smells great on my boyfriend although he says it’s a little floral for him. Strong amber notes at first and then gets sweeter as it wears. I can imagine walking around an art gallery with this on.
Yummy scent
The scent smells amazing and lasts a long while. It almost smells edible
love it!
it was great
not feminine at all
This scent is a more of Man scent
Smells like my grandpa
Smells exactly like my grandpa (RIP)
Costume national
I didn’t like the scent
Worst I’ve ever smelled
Tossing this in the trash. This thing is musky in all the wrong ways. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever smelled a worse cologne.
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