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This didn’t smell anything like I imagined.
This scent is not intense. It is barley scent.
Tried and tested
This has been one of my faves for Years
This is not punk rock to me, and smells more like an herb shop than an art gallery. All I smell is woods, no jasmine or amber. So disappointed. It’s a strong cologne to me.
Not your usual blue scent, this has character and deep. Not for everyone. It’s strong and spicy.
Good fig flavor with musky aftertaste
I'm a sucker for sweet dark fig colognes, and this one has it, with zesty oud and anise accents on top. Interesting earthy musty notes in the middle, with a nice sweet balanced sweet finish. Only negative is a zingy grassy/resiny finish that eventually becomes a gamey patchouli musk over time, especially the longer you wear it - which i don't find that appealing. Great evening scent, questionable in less formal settings - not for all occasions. The strange finish pulls down the score a bit but I love it overall.
This is a evening/date night sultry statement perfume for a woman. Also smells great on my boyfriend although he says it’s a little floral for him. Strong amber notes at first and then gets sweeter as it wears. I can imagine walking around an art gallery with this on.
Yummy scent
The scent smells amazing and lasts a long while. It almost smells edible
love it!
it was great
not feminine at all
This scent is a more of Man scent
Smells like my grandpa
Smells exactly like my grandpa (RIP)
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