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It smells cheap
This smell reminds me of a cheap perfume an old college roommate used to wear. I can't even call it a scent. It's a smell and not a good one. It started off so strong. I barely spritzed a scarf with it and it was just chokingly strong. I really tried to give it a chance, hoping that after it had settled it would strike a better note somewhere in the day. That never happened and my husband, kids, and a friend have all requested I never wear it again.
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Strong first hour, good dry down
The main notes that I noticed were grapefruit/cinnamon. If that sounds good to you then you’ll love this. I love this. My styles business casual, and I’m a jokester. I thought it match well for me. I loved this scent. Best one (so far).
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spicy, woody, I get mostly clove and sandalwood. long lasting, great for colder weather
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Overpowering. Smells ... off. not what i thought it would smell like.
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Just In Time
I needed something for the Christmas season and this spicy number will do the trick.
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Great clove-infused spiciness for wintertime!
Wear it Christmas parties. Wear it at the bonfire.
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Didn’t care for the wood like scent. Not what I was expecting.
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This cologne smells great Definitely one of my favorites
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Just as described
Love it!
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Too Christmasy
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