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Absolutely loved it
I’m going to buy a bottle.
I gave this a wearing a couple of times but I feel like the cloves overpower all of the other notes. It's a good fragrance if you like really spicy fragrances, but I prefer sweet or fresh fragrances.
Great First in my Scentbird Experience.
While CoSTUME NATIONAL Homme doesn't really smell like it is described, I love it, none the less. Its initial scent is clean and mysterious, with a subtle darkness. It provided a feeling of nostalgia, a memory evoking smell that I would fail to accurately describe in a meaningful way. The scent was never overpowering and did change over a few hours. By the end of an eight hour shift, it was much sweeter and musky in nature. It still smelled pleasant but lost all of its higher and brighter clean notes. It became a much more warm and sensual fragrance which worked well for more intimate activities. Overall, I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a unique cologne without the risk of getting a fragrance that smells like teenage body spray or old man after shave.
Love it
There is an initial note similar to ammonia, giving it a flat but high frequency of delivery. The pineapple is clear and the peach more subtle. I love it!
Not what I was hoping for
It's OK, but not what I was hoping for
Just as described
Strong, spicy, sweet and woody fragrance. Not my type but I could understand that someone would love it.
m want really impressed
Dry, spicy, refined
This is a very dry scent, in a way I like a lot. While it's full of spices, there is very little sweetness and it's not at all gourmand. I enjoy smelling it all day and never get overwhelmed by it or tired of the scent. Considering buying a full bottle.
love it
my favorite
masculine fall/winter
definitely not for females and would stick to wearing this in the fall or winter. spicy, musky but not offensively so.
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