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love this
the scent is spot on from my quiz answers. smells amazing and exactly what I hoped for from this subscription, being my 1st product delivered.
Full of regret
Wow, I hate this so much, 100% masculine. Young guy college vibes. I’m super disappointed I spent $30 to try this.
This is a heavy hitter!
This is very long lasting and extremely powerful. On me, it has almost a barbershop musk to it which I actually enjoy in certain situations! I could see the musky and powerful scent causing headaches in some, but it has both "masculine" and "feminine" undertones so it's great for being classified as "unisex".
My husband's favorite!
I wore this the day after I received it. My husband caught a whiff when I walked by and literally started sniffing me! 😆 He says it's a sexy scent that he would love to have all over me.
If you don’t like musk, don’t buy…
This scent is heavy on the musk, very masculine, and unattractive.
uck mondays
loved the scent will buy in the future
great smell
Nice But.....
I wanted to love this and hopefully order a regular size bottle. I like the jasmine and vanilla which comes out strong on the beginning. The dry down you can smell vanilla, cashmere woods and a little tuberose of this its very soft and light. Good for everyday wear especially if you work in the office or in the medical field. I just wished it would last longer than an hour.
I like it
Great for date night
Or any evening activity, very musky and sensual
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