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Christian Siriano reviews
My thoughts
first thought was it smelled kinda of guy-ish but i love it !
warm, sensual, inviting
not for me
not for me, smelled like old lady on me
Date Night 🌙 💕 I enjoyed the smell of the perfume it was long lasting
it was long lasting
Gave me a headache
didn't like it made me sick.
Fresh and sweet
I usually like deeper scents with woodsy notes but i loved this light perfume it wasn’t too strong but it didn’t last as long as i wanted.
Personal favorite
This has become my new favorite
Not my personal fave
Not my personal fave but I could see how many other people would like this. It is a nice scent but seemed a little peppery (?) to me. Difficult to describe but a little bit too warm of a scent.
This is by far one of my favorites next to the Dolce and Gabbana l'imperatrice
Exactly what I want in a perfume and I love it!
Exactly what I was looking for.
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