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Chris Collins reviews
This is much sweeter than expected, but it does last for a long time!
Sweet rum
Got some complements with this on. To me the rum sits on top and is rounded out with the citrus notes. The sandalwood musk really blends it all to a very smooth and slightly sweet manly musk. Had a group of ladies swear I had some sexy smelling babypowder on. (they meant it in a good way) Getting a bottle of this soon!
Grandma's Perfume
Lasts a long time and if you're looking to smell like times gone by, give this a whirl
not my cup of tea
I sprayed a little squirt my wife walked in instantly gave head and then got sick. she is a scent freak so that was very odd
1st one
I like it. It's my first one so I don't have any other scent from you to really compare to but I do really like it so far. I'll be sure to comment on each one I get moving forward. Thank you!
Smelt so good, i used it for a whole year.
I used it for special occasions, and my bottle lasted me a whole year. Loved it.
Smelled cheap
Smelled like an over powering CK Obsession.
Loved it
I loved everything about this scent. My husband loves it on me. I love how it lingers on my clothes days later
My favorite
This one hit hard. It smells great and gains alot of attraction
new favourite
I really like this scent, its become my favourite
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