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Chris Collins reviews
one of my favorites
this is one of my favorite scents definitely an elegant smell I would not call it casual definitely more of a date night smell absolutely love it !!!
just didn't like the smell
Love the deep scented perfection, smells like romance on a Paris night walk through the city of lights
gives my old lady vibes
I it smell the the wash room in a nursing home. I wish i could describe it better I actually gagged def not a man scret!
Did not arrive
the product never showed up
Very delightful smell!!
This attracts so much attention when I walk outside the women love it. Really recommend this!!!
good stuff
Definitely enjoy the scent, it is a bit strong until it fades a bit though. my lady likes it but says it's more of an "old man, church" cologne 🤣
This is really good. Smells like a mix of cigar, rum and bourbon. Feels you were out all night in an elegant hotel bar doing business. Very very good.
Smells Great
Smells great. Thought I would have to reapply it before the end of my work day, but it last most of the day.
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