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Very mature but sophisticated
I really like this scent, it’s very smoky. I find the sweet notes like amber don’t come out as much as I hoped. I imagine it on a really cool older man with a beard and tattoos who smokes cigars. It’s very smoky with a hint of books, almost old library ish. Very sophisticated, but a little mature for me in my 20’s.
Nice scent, in line with my preferences, but fades quickly
Would probably be sufficient for a first impression on a date, etc., but not really a long lasting "all day" fragrance. Smells fantastic, though.
Way wayyyy tooo sweet!!! Not a masculine scent at all.
Very very sweet. All you smell is the flower smell throughout. This is not a masculine scent. I find it to be very feminine.
A bit sultry
I really enjoy this scent. The combination of woody and spicy smells like you're sipping a cocktail in a soft leather chair.
The fragrance isn't bad, at first I thought it might've been too powdery smelling but as the day went on it warmed up with my body chemistry really well. Smelled awesome on me is the compliments I got from some folks! It stayed with me throughout the day so you don't have to constantly reapply. Definitely a Fall smell to me and an older gentleman cologne!
It’s quietly charming and sophisticated. Complete strangers were complimenting me, when I wore it….it’s everything!!!
I loved this scent and it fit so well with my profile, I go for a rich scent. if you want to smell like how I would imagine the inside of a Rolls-Royce with coffee colored leather seats then this is it. its the perfect blend of class and passion. a great choice for date night or just to feel a bit more refined while drinking your whisky. my only problem is that scentbird didn't have the whole bottle for sale but thats fine its definitely worth the try for anyone who wants to smell like their entire wardrobe is filled with suits.
Loved it.
It wasn’t a bad scent but not for me, this is for an older era of man lol I’m not there yet
very nice sent
this is a nice fragrence strong but not too strong sweet notes that make it stand out
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