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Beautiful and woodsy
Not my typical floral scent but still very beautiful. It is rich and deep without being an old lady scent.
Sweet but very strong
This is a fun, sweet scent that dried down to be a little antiquated on me -- unfortunately it is overpoweringly strong and that "antique" smell lasted allllll day.
love this scent
Smells Old
Smells Old
Love this scent, probably going to buy a full sized version!
I was pleasantly surprised by this. Sophisticated but still for daily use
I didnt think i was a floral type of person until a friend suggested this for me. I love it, its floral but sophisticated and romatic.
What is this magic juice
Smells like windswept hair, waves crashing against a cliff, and peat moss. It's how I imagine an Irish princess would smell. Crisp, but warm. Fresh, but enticing. I'm hooked.
Like the scent thank you!
Like the scent thank you!!
Nice, but not long lasting
I loved the smell, but it wore off after only a couple of hours.
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