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Catherine Malandrino reviews
Clean and floral with a touch of earthy musk. Adding this to one my go-to scents
This one is Special!
This one was there at that Special Moment. Looks to have lived up to the name.
One of my favorite scents
Very nice
Light and Fresh
I like that the scent lasts a good while but is not overpowering. It's clean and fresh with only a hint of fruit (I don't like sweet-smelling perfumes.).
Love the scent!
It smells great!
Love it tho
Love the scent very fresh and clean to me this is more of an everyday perfume that you would use a top layer over a nice body spray because it’s not very strong
To strong
Older smell guys didn't like it
Ooooh, this one is nice. It has such a pretty smell, nicely sweet but isn’t too much. I can definitely see this being something I would go to to wear in the future once my sample is up. It’ll be nice to wear in the summer time.
this makes me feel a rich chicken. it feeds my bougeeness
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