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Catherine Malandrino reviews
Old lady approaching
this fragrance smells like something my grandmother would wear!!!!! UGGHH!!!! yuck
The smell is light, yet playful and innocent in my opinion. Considering buying the full bottle!!
In love
I love my scentbird this perfume will be one of my favorite and for sure one I will buy in a original size 😍😍
Special moments
Thank you !!
I have think I need to try the rest of this line now for sure!!!
Love it
Smells really good
It’s a LONG lasting perfume I will give it that
Just very very fruity floral. I guess I prefer a deeper smell. I say all that to say I sprayed a tiny bit on my wrists and couldn’t even wash it off lol if you like the smell that would be good for you
Pleasant Scent but...
Smelled exactly as described and what i imagined. My biggest disappointment is how little of time it actually lasts. When i first put it on I smelled it very well and it was refreshing and pretty but within a couple of hours it had completely faded. I found myself having to reapply multiple times throughout the day.
Scent fades fast
I really liked this one but it doesn’t last longer then a couple hours which was disappointing.
Smells good but not my type
Smells a little too regular for me!
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