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Catherine Malandrino reviews
It smells like melons, I love it, but then again I guess I’m an old lady sooo........ lol
I like this smell, but some of the other comments are right the fragrance doesn’t last as long as some of the other perfumes I have gotten
Beautiful scent, doesn’t last long
This is a lovely fragrance. It is everything it’s described as! All the notes are there. The white musk, honeydew, amber ALL of it! It’s just doesn’t stay with you all day. Not even a few hours and I hate to reapply.
Smelled very clean
I loved this perfume. It was clean smelling and very subtle
Its Ok
I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it.
Dream is dreamy
Love, love, love this scent. It is a fresh clean scent and definitely one that any woman should love.
just didn't care for the. scent Didn't like the scent
Didn't like it
"Floral, fruity, green." (◕‿◕)
Confusing, right? I mean, how can something be BOTH "not strong enough" AND "too strong" at the SAME time? Well, at first, "whiff," "that" is what I got- a confusing "scent-sation" of over-powering notes- each note fighting to be "the center of attention." Thereby creating the "feel" of TOO strong. However, after each note has time to settle, they get lighter and almost hard to reach. Hence, the "not strong enough." Overall, I say this is a pretty good scent- except for the "fighting" part. -Lol?
"Dream" is just that- a delightfully engaging aroma playfully arousing the senses into an intoxicating wonderland of possibilities. Who knew apple and rhubarb with the delicate muguet, peony, and sheer musk could create such "scent-ilating" fantasies to life?!
For the older ladies.
Did not like this at all. Floral notes overpowering.
Dream is truly a dream fragrance!
Catherine Malandrino’s Dream fragrance is the best scent I have had the joy to experience in many years. For me, it is intoxicating; for everyone around me, it was inviting and very well received. Everyone I came in contact with loved the scent and how it smelled on me. I love it!
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