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Caswell-Massey reviews
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This is what women who lived through the Great Depression smelled like in the 1990s
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Mature but not old
This is a very grown-up/mature scent, but definitely not "old lady." I didn't find the red currant or citrus notes to be very prominent, but the rose/amber/woods combine for a sort of restrained sexiness.
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strong but feminine
I love scents that are woodsy but feminine and this checked both those boxes. It lingered on my clothes but was not overpowering. Smelled beautiful if this is the type of scent you enjoy. My husband even approved of this one!!:)
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Pretty Good
of the two I tried this month, I definitely preferred this one and used it all. I liked the earthy smell and though it dried down very nicely. I wasn't compelled to add it to my list of favorites, but it was a nice scent.
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Strong masculine scent. Nice for a guy
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New Number One!
I was not familiar with this brand and scent, so I tempered my expectations. But I was happily surprised by this fragrance. The scent was noticeable and lasted on my skin and clothing through the long day and evening. It definitely has staying power!
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Rated5on the scale of0to5
Caswell-Massey Beatrix
I love the scent and so does my husband. There are only certain perfumes that I really like-love and this is by all means is on the list.
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Classic Scent with Modern Flair
You might think this smells like your grandma, but it wears so beautifully, and makes me feel so sophisticated even as a young woman. I will probably buy this once my sample is gone.
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Smells nice until it dries down
I love rose scents, and I’m really not afraid to smell like an old lady… But this one dried down to an old gross perfume that has spoiled that you would find at a thrift store. It smells really pretty at first, but doesn’t last. So I just gave a three stars because it’s half awesome, and half terrible.
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