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Caswell-Massey reviews
Watered down Chanel no 5
If Chanel no 5 is too strong for you, this is perfect. If you don’t like aldehydes, this is not for you.
I was very surprised by this one in the most wonderful of ways. It is mature leaning but in a sexy sophisticated way.
This is a fantastic example of a unisex rose fragrance, imo. I am absolutely in love. I will be buying a full bottle. This reminds me of Halfeti by Penhaligon’s but turn down the spice, amp up the amber, saffron, citrus and rose. It’s romantic, sensual and just ugh so simply beautiful!!!
The scent of wood is too strong and overpowering
Ok at first, then icky for a bit, finishing alright
The rose scent came out the gate lovely. Then Citrus won for a while, just edging out the red currant. I did not like this citrus scent. Once the citrus faded, the amber and woods scents came through to shine in the end. This combo of scents is not appealing to me and the lasting sharp citrus scent is a bit off putting. I usually like citrus scents (oranges, limes) and was hoping this one would be a winner. I do like the amber and woods notes.
It honestly smells good
Is a good scent just not for me
Old lady
Did you have an old teacher named “Ethel” when you were in grade school? This is her fragrance.
Good Scent, but for a very specific type of person.
This perfume isn't bad if you like more musky dusty scents. I do, so it wasn't a problem. It reminds me of a certain place I used to go to, but I can't quite pinpoint it. I'm assuming that has to do with the patchouli notes. This isn't a scent you should bathe in; it's more of a scent you want to walk through. It can be very overpowering if someone uses too much. That being said, it does last a while. It does take a certain type of person to be able to wear something like this. Some reviews called it an old lady scent, and I get that sentiment because of the scent profile, but if you are willing to try something out of your comfort zone, it's worth it.
Wow I’m in love with this scent!! This scent is complex and floral, beginning with rose but wearing more to a spicy citrus. I think if you like amazing grace ballet rose but crave something a little deeper and complex this this scent is for you. I’m already looking to buy a full size bottle I like it so much! I want to smell like this all the time
I loved both of them
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