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Casewell - Massey
This fragrance is a fun one it's note work perfect with my body chemistry very satisfied
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Very mild
Very mild smell, fades away fast
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love it one of my favorites. it smells so sexy
I feel so sexy when I wear this scent. One of my top favorites.
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love this one!
will definitely be buying a full size bottle.
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I like this
Not my favorite rose scent, but very nice. I like it.
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Not for me
It may work for some individuals but way too florally for me and reminded me of my grandma. Definitely not a match for my pheromones😐
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Will be buying more
This stuff is nice throughout the day/night it changes while it mellows out...
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3 stars
Too strong to wear it alone, have to mix it with something sweeter. Definitely great for adding some manliness to a softer cologne.
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It smelled like old ladies perfume.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Pleasantly surprised
Okay, I don't like rose fragrances for myself, and I knew going into this that rose was going to figure largely, so it was a risk, but I'm pleasantly surprised! It is like a wonderful, clean combination of rosewater, orange juice and sandalwood on my skin. It's light but feminine and not overly floral or sweet, both things I don't love. My only complaint is that it lasts barely at all and goes to a skin scent within 15 minutes on me. If I huff my wrist I can smell it hours later but there's no projection or longevity, which is disappointing. For not liking rose, this one is just lovely and I will wear out my sample for sure.
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