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Caswell-Massey reviews
Too masculine
A very masculine scent
It was just ok.
Its the unisex perfume we all smelled before. Where they take a masculine scent and add something small to change it. It doesnt smell expensive or particularly special. Its very middle of the road.
took a chance for my first delivery and was pleasantly surprised. think "old Hollywood" description suits this one to a t.
smelled gross
I do not like this at all
A bit piney
Kinda smelled like the sharpest part of a pine tree smell, not my favorite.
It was ok, I more prefer a clean scent.
Like this one
Love it
Modern vintage
I didn’t know what to expect scent wise, but my friend and I agreed it was surprisingly fresh subtlety older lady (in a good way) with no overpowering notes and no musk! Aka subtle older lady in a good way.
nice one
I like it, it's unisex though
Something different
Didn’t even know I pick it, was disappointed
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