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Caswell-Massey reviews
Lighty and Flighty
Smells like you would want to wear it on a first date. Not overpowering but makes a statement.
Just didnt like it
It’s almost sickly sweet.
A big nope!!
Smelled like rancid leather to me. Not a good smell at all!!
It was very strong
The smell was nice but it was way too strong and pretty much filled the air around me and overpowered my nose. Made it itch. My daughter liked it though.
Not for me
Not for me
Smells fears and lasts awhile
Very strong and masculine
Very strong. Picture walking into an old rustic cabin. Earthy, smoky, worn wood with a grisly mountain man smoking a pipe in the corner. Strong scent dries down to a powdery finish Pleasant but not my cup of tea
This has to be the worst smelling perfume ever. It is awful. I can't even re-gift it because it smells so bad. My son even tried it and it smelled just as bad on him. It truly doesn't even deserve 1 star. It smells like rotten garbage. 🤢
a little too strong
I liked the spicy scent but it seemed to never settle down any. I wear it, just not very often.
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