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Caswell-Massey reviews
Wow I’m in love with this scent!! This scent is complex and floral, beginning with rose but wearing more to a spicy citrus. I think if you like amazing grace ballet rose but crave something a little deeper and complex this this scent is for you. I’m already looking to buy a full size bottle I like it so much! I want to smell like this all the time
I loved both of them
To floral
It didnt smell like i expected im a more warmer scent
Smells good
Light, not to overpowering. Smells good.
Radiates Confidence
Long lasting, intoxicating, loved it
Smells good but I would not buy
very strong musk like smell at initial application
Good scent but a little strong
Smells really good but was a little too strong for me but good smell tho!
Good but not for me
It smells great just in the air or on test paper, just like the description: mossy and woody with some smoky undertones and a hint of sweet and powdery from the violet. Having said that it was not flattering when I tested it, it became extremely musky and powdery and certainly not in a flattering way. Suffice it to say it smells lovely, just not on me.
I love this smell so much! Definitely going in my faves stash!! It has an incense-like quality, which I love.
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