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Carven Parfums reviews
Too much Jasmine for me
Too much jasmine, completely overpowered most of the other scents listed in the description. Would have liked it to be more balanced. If osmanthus is advertised, would be nice to actually be able to smell it.
Well balanced between the elements. Luxurious, yet not too assertive.
Reminded me of descriptions of Marie Antoinette at Le Petit Trianon.
Smells like Grandma
It smells like my grandparent's house... in not a good way. This isn't a classy grandma smell but the really bad kind..
Not a favorite
The notes sounded like my preferences, but the overall scent was just a bit headachy for me.
Carvin Parfums
something in the (I call second smell) I. don't like.
Very strong
I liked this scent, but it was much more powerful than I prefer. It is a pretty sweet floral, but not too florally. A couple friends smelled it and thought it was pretty, but too strong too. This is definitely not a scent for the office!
Excellent scent
This is a great scent!
Carven Pour Homme
Awesome cologne but the longevity is no good. maybe an hour the most and it's gone. But smells great.
Easy classic woodsy floral
Really simple, inoffensive fruity floral. Not overly sweet, not too intense… just a pretty fresh, slightly woodsy scent (mandarin flower, apricot, sandalwood stand out to me)
Simply didn’t like the smell
The scent was very overwhelming and did not smell the best
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