Find an Exceptional Cartier Perfume for Men

Cartier reviews
smelled like I should be named Guido and sporting a bunch of gold chains
old man
Smells okay, but honestly not my thing. Didn’t smell awful, but kinda smelled “old.” Very meh.
Hint of dill pickles… not a fan
not for me
smelled like a older person
Not something that I would wear. It might be alright for most people, just not my taste. I like fresh scents.
Matches the scent profile perfectly
Not overpowering and long lasting
Very unremarkable
I guess it's just not to my taste.
Clean with a hint of fresh
One of my favorite classic scents. It reminds me a man with old money that drives a sports car with the top down on his way to a 5 star restaurant with a very attractive partner.
It smells like old lady perfume…
A True Musk
Enhances the natural scent of your body in different environments. Very versatile. Needs about 15 minutes to breathe. Great for daytime/outdoors.

Find an Exceptional Cartier Cologne for Men

The best advice for a man looking to up his scent game is to go with colognes that don’t go overboard. What you want is a fragrance that has fullness and depth, that won’t tip the scales into cloying, and loud territory on the skin. A well-made cologne invites others in, and doesn’t yell that you’ve arrived.

But it can difficult with the enormous amount of information out there to find what you’re looking for – it seems like everyone has their own review site, and what’s best for men changes on a dime.

This is where the value of an established brand is key. Cartier, for instance – synonymous with luxury, quality, and refinement, the name Cartier is a trust-worthy line to start your scent journey with.

Cartier cologne for him finds the perfect balance between a sartorial scent statement and effortless seduction. The Cartier touch infuses every cologne with full, rich textures and depth without being forceful about it. Cartier colognes are a finishing element to a well-dressed man’s wardrobe selection, and they allow your personality and style profile center stage. carries a substantial selection of fine Cartier colognes, including new releases and established lines, and our entry subscription rate begins at $14.95. You’ll receive a full month’s sample of only the Cartier colognes you select, at a price point that encourages your curiosity and experimentation.

Cartier fragrances are staff favorites here at, and for good reason. They are elegant, versatile expressions of olfactory craftsmanship and they always tell a captivating story. So join us, and discover their subtle power for yourself.

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