Find an Exceptional Cartier Perfume for Men

Cartier reviews
Not worth it
In the beginning, I was excited to receive my first package, but by the 3rd package, all the ones I had received did not smell good. I've spoken to representatives to get ideas on what smells are good they couldn't answer me. I was very disappointed.
Smells great! Lasts all day with one spray.
A great one for my hubby's collection
I love this scent profile, and can't wait to smell my hubby with this on.
Great scent
I really liked this. Very good for a night out!
Didn't like it as much as I thought I would
The notes described made it sound like something I would like but I felt like it smelled less like Cartier and more like Cardi B.
Love this fragrance!
Ended up buying the bottle. Not too musky but not too soft
I do not like it
The scent speaks for itself
Citrus and suave. This is a go to when in doubt!
Yuzu Overpowering
This had everything I usually like except the Yuzu. That was new to me so I thought I would give it a try. The Yuzu was so overpowering that I really could not smell any of the other notes (musk, bergamot, lavender and patchouli). Then it was gone … just gone, nothing lingered. No staying power at all. Disappointing for sure.

Find an Exceptional Cartier Cologne for Men

The best advice for a man looking to up his scent game is to go with colognes that don’t go overboard. What you want is a fragrance that has fullness and depth, that won’t tip the scales into cloying, and loud territory on the skin. A well-made cologne invites others in, and doesn’t yell that you’ve arrived.

But it can difficult with the enormous amount of information out there to find what you’re looking for – it seems like everyone has their own review site, and what’s best for men changes on a dime.

This is where the value of an established brand is key. Cartier, for instance – synonymous with luxury, quality, and refinement, the name Cartier is a trust-worthy line to start your scent journey with.

Cartier cologne for him finds the perfect balance between a sartorial scent statement and effortless seduction. The Cartier touch infuses every cologne with full, rich textures and depth without being forceful about it. Cartier colognes are a finishing element to a well-dressed man’s wardrobe selection, and they allow your personality and style profile center stage. carries a substantial selection of fine Cartier colognes, including new releases and established lines, and our entry subscription rate begins at $14.95. You’ll receive a full month’s sample of only the Cartier colognes you select, at a price point that encourages your curiosity and experimentation.

Cartier fragrances are staff favorites here at, and for good reason. They are elegant, versatile expressions of olfactory craftsmanship and they always tell a captivating story. So join us, and discover their subtle power for yourself.

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