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Caron reviews
Just want to rate it for my recommendations, not interested in writing an ad for free.
It’s giving medicine!
It initially has a very strong medical smell. It last a couple of hours. Smooths out to be a bit pleasant after while.
Love it
One of my favorites
Wasn’t my style
It didn’t mesh with what I like.
7/10 Did it for the Verbena
I feel like Verbena is a harder scent to come across in cologne and I’m very pleased with this one. It starts out intoxicatingly strong of citrus and a light lavender scent, but wears very nicely over time and the verbena comes out for a really nice mix with the citrus and lavender. I say go for it if you like citrusy fresh Scents!
Overall good.
Didn’t last long. Smelled great.
The scent is heavier than I anticipated and was nauseating after a while.
exactly what I'm looking for
I love the scent of this cologne
Summery and just nice. Liked it. Floral and citrusy.
Not appealing whatsoever
Nothing was good about this..
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