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Carner Barcelona reviews
Earthy smell is to much
It was not for me by any means! It smells extremely earthy, and almost like vaporub.
Odd scent
Unexpected and unusual scent. Powdery finish and I can't stand powders.
Do not care For the earthy smell. Will not ware this one
Almost a dirt earth smell. Did not care for it
Clean and Fresh
This scent is lovely. A great, everyday perfume. Not overpowering and so pleasant.
Brings back memories from Barcelona
Love this scent, just wish it projected more and lasted longer. It's worth it to get past the angelica opening for the vanilla fig dry-down.
A Sex Scene from an 80's Movie
This scent is deep and very sensual with a perfect balance of silky, sweet and spicy. A perfect scent for a woman in her prime. Not youthful, not old lady. Would also layer beautifully with more bright and complex perfumes as this would serve as a seductive base layer. This scent dominantes with vanilla and fig but the bergamot provides a sandpapery complexity that heightens it and offers a sense of mystery. The scent conjures an apres ski couple's massage with Prince, pearls, red nail polish and venetian blinds.
It sat pretty
Initially it was too floral for my liking but after an hour or so i can definitely smell more of the musk—which i like. Powdery musky floral is this scent. Not too strong but..not my favorite. Its good is all.
Strong scent of alcohol
It wasn't really "spicy," it smelled more like alcohol than anything.
Just a lot
It smells like a holiday scent. I don’t hate it but it’s very strong in a way that feels overpowering. I can imagine someone loving it, but she’s not me.
My scent profile
This matches my scent profile and smells as described, the only main weak point is the fact that it wasn’t long lasting. If you’re looking for a spicy gourmand, you might it.
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