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Carner Barcelona reviews
very nice
very nice, but not in my top favs
too powdery
not good at all
Ancient and powerful
Smells great! Makes me feel like a witch in the best possible way.
El Born
I wasn't sure about this fragrance at first, it does have a kind of sharp masculine scent that I wouldn't normally wear, but after wearing it for a 20 minutes or it mellows out and is more like a gourmound and rich fruit scent.
Lux and cozy
This was my first Scentbird sub fragrance (yay, finally in Canada). And of course to really make it worth my time, I just ignored my scent preferences and went on the hunt under the uncommon and high end fragrances. The initial spray of this was extremely off putting. It was extremely overpowering and bitter, but that rapidly fades away and it leaves behind a fragrance that is much akin to a hug from that super soft, almost silky feeling throw blanket you curl up under when it's cold out to read a good book, by the fire, whilst snow gently falls outside. This fragrance is very gender neutral and runs into the familiar scent space of Obsession, Fahrenheit or Casmir but far more sophisticated, elegant, and refined. The cardamom, cinnamon, amber and sandalwood are the main characters in this fragrance story, whilst the other notes of mint, vanilla, nutmeg, jasmine, black pepper, musk are a strong supporting cast and absolutely necessary to the plot. This is the perfect fall/winter scent for those that like luxurious spices and cozy spaces. A must have as the leaves start to turn colour, here in Canada, the essence of pumpkins and melted wax, looming in the cool night air.
Did not like this at all
Didn’t not like this I actually gave it away
Spicy but inviting
Good unisex option, maybe for someone more masculine that doesn’t want to smell like a straight up forest…strong but inviting. The vanilla and amber make you want to cozy up for another whiff but the cinnamon was a little much for me. Not unpleasant just a bit too spicy for taste/body chemistry.
once the initial carnation top note faded i liked it
I can't decide whether I love or dislike this perfume. Its very unique, very warm (which I think I'll like come fall?), definitely unisex. It seems to last a long time. There's something I can't put my finger on that makes me reach for other fragrances over this one.
Smells great to me
Scent is very nice to me
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