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Carner Barcelona reviews
Smells mostly like cardamom and amber on me, but as the day goes on it starts to smell more like vanilla and cinnamon too :) I really like it! Very androgynous in my opinion, which is what I was looking for!
Carner Barcelona can do no wrong
Another beautifully complex but delightful scent. I’ve tried several of their other scents and have loved them all, this one was a bit more warm and fitting for cooler weather as it has a bit of spice to it. It kind of reminds me of an updated Shalimar by Guerlain.
a little more aromatic than i expected
this is slightly more masculine in the fresh aromatic sense than i expected. i love masculine scents except when it smells sort of medicinal and aromatic. this is a beautiful spicy warm scent though, and i love it, but i probably will only wear it at home.
The smell almost made me sneeze evertime.
All I can say is I like it.
Cant Get Enough of This
I smell like an expensive dessert and sex- in the best possible way. Definitely a sexy, evening scent for going out. I feel like I'm wearing a luxurious accessory. Absolutely love this perfume. Its like vanilla, sunshine, baby powder and romantic memories ...
Perfect for me
Perfect, exactly what I look for
Did not like
Not my cup of tea.
Smells fresh and clean
Smells fresh and clean with a hint of baby powder.
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