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Good day time scent
I have received so many compliments from this perfume, i really like it!
Reminds me of an elderly tree 😂😂
The best way I can describe this perfume is that it reminds me of an old lady but also smells like a pine tree. It’s a very strong perfume that doesn’t last long and gives me a headache. I really wanted to like this perfume and tried it for a couple days but it’s just not for me. My partner said it makes me smell like an old lady and he’s into older ladies sooo I’d give it like a 3/10 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Calvin Klein euphoria
I didnt like this perfume at all NOT AT ALL, I NEVER EVEN SPRAYED IT ONTO MY WRIST,BODY, in THE AIR ETC. It stinks. It smells almost identical to the perfume by Brittany Spears called "Believe". Hate to sound so mean or rude but i feel i should be honest . My dad bought me a bottle of Believe by Brittany probably 13 or more years ago I only kept it because my father passed away and it's sentimental but I absolutely cannot stand the smell of it it stinks in this Euphoria smells just like it so if you don't like Britney Spears believe do not buy or get more try euphoria
So worth it!!
Smell is strong and I typically use for special occasions only. Expect many compliments
I wish we could send it back I don’t like this scent at all
Reminds me of an old lady scent
This perfume is super strong, but it lasts a long time. The scent reminds me of old ladies and their perfumes. I was disappointed.
my new go to
Love it, it's a great smell for the daytime. Fresh and light, so it doesn't linger in the office minutes after I'm gone.
Not my preference
I didn’t care for this scent, but everyone’s body chemistry is different. I DEFINITELY WILL NOT be buying this scent for myself…or anyone I know…
Love it!
I’ve used this scent on and off for years! I love it and it always make me feel like a teenager again.
Very subtle
It was a very subtle scent and lasting great for everyday use
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