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gardenia ❤️
I love this scent. I need a bottle now!!
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I'm Buying A Bottle
This is a very light fragrance and that's its power. I really love it for those calm days when I just want to sit and sip some coffee or tea and just chill. I'm buying a bottle ASAP.
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it’s light and pretty but there’s not much staying power.
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Soft, floral, complex -- not too sweet or cloying
Really lovely, but doesn't last as long as I would like!
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Love the smell
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Beautiful and Feminine
Light, feminine scent. I never thought I would enjoy this type of fragrance. I usually wear spicier scents and love patchouli. This is a very pretty floral scent. Does not give me a headache and is not an obnoxious scent. The only negative thing is that it doesn’t last long.
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It has a very light feel to the scent it gives off. It works great with my body chemistry so this will be a new "go-to"!!! Its not over powering. I got so many compliments on it!
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Crisp, Clean fragrance
This fragrance is light and fresh, perfect for summer!
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Very Powdery
This is a very floral powdery scent. The scent is more a universal scent but it really comes down to individuality. I will say it is quite a clean scent. I cant really say its old lady like. Its actually pretty modern smelling. While I personally dont mind a floral every now and then. Im not a huge fan of the powdery notes. To me as this sets it goes from kind of a floral to a very soft ocean breeze or like washed linen. This fragrance would be nice if your like a teacher or and administrator at a desk. Just to be able to smell fresh. But I wouldnt recommend this for date night. If anything I would suggest finding another perfume that can compliment it.(mixer) This is very much a day time scent maybe good notes for , spring and early summer. Its light. Give it time it will grow on you. The first few spritz come off quite confusing. Honestly For women if you like a light fragrance that just smells clean I would recommend it. Might also take well on some men as well. While I dont like it on its own I would like to know what its like if it were mixed with another scent or if maybe a man were to try wearing it.
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This smells nothing like I was expecting based off of the notes. It smells like something a woman over 80 would wear. Very strong and the jasmine is intense.
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