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It's not bad, but it smells almost exactly like a body wash I've used in the past - not unpleasant, but maybe not a scent I'm looking for in a perfume.
Soft scent
Smelled better than what I imagined.
Perfect for people who love White florals
I really wanted to love this perfume especially with the fig and amber notes but this simply doesn't smell like it has little to no fig. I get heavy notes of that gardenia note and I'm not crazy about floral but this Gardena heavy. I like the dry down since I kinda get more of that fig note and even some of the warmth of the amber, but not enough to justify buying the perfume. If you like white floral notes and bit of a creamy gardenia than this is perfect for you.
This is a beautiful, delicately floral scent. It smells so sophisticated and honestly smells more like a spring scent than an autumn scent. I do wish it lasted longer though.
Wish it lasted longer
This is a gorgeous, everyday, clean rose. I would describe it as “nude” and softly sexy. I’m contemplating buying a full-size bottle. Great everyday perfume, not great silage but that’s just fine for what it is. I just wish it lasted longer. I can live with that, though!
Loved It
So sexy!
Creamy fig bomb
Absolute love. Lasts on clothes forever, skin not so much. One of my personal favs I’ve tried from scent bird this far.
Great scent
pretty good
it smells good, but doesn't last very long
Definitely a floral scent that I think could be used for any occasion.
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