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Autumn white floral
Creamy white floral scent, so good! Like the description says, I just want to spray this on my scarf and nuzzle into this fall:)
Smells Nice
Light and floral. Usually don't like too floral of scents, but this one is nice.
Gardenia is heaven
Love love LOVED this scent and I’m not even an old lady! Shocking, I know. Not much can be said about the main note of gardenia except it’s heaven on earth.
Nice and light
Very pretty springtime scent. I do agree with the other reviews, it’s heavy on the gardenia when first sprayed so beware if floral isn’t your thing, but nicely faded into a more of the fig/amber as the time passed. Overall I like it!
Gave me a really bad headache
I'm sure not everyone will get headaches from this perfume but it did to me...not for me~!
This fragrance is lovely, it's starts off strong, but mellows quickly to a very beautiful floral scent. I can see where some reviewers get Gardenia, but the honeysuckle comes through first followed by the Jasmine. And best bonus, my name is Angie ❤️
Awful smell
I have been getting perfumes from scentbird for a long time this is the worst one ever never had a problem with any of the other ones I never want this one again it smells horrible
Loved this so much! Smelled like fall
Wonderful fall scent. My husband loved this on me!
A little too floral for me.
I love floral, lilac and lavender being my two favorites. However this was too floral for me and is really nearing grandma-ish. I will definitely keep trying this brand though because I’ve heard great things about some of their scents
Definitely not for me. If you like gardenia, it's for you. Over powering gardenia but didn't smell the fig or Amber. Doesn't last long. The Angie fragrance from this brand is much better.
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