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Loved It
So sexy!
Creamy fig bomb
Absolute love. Lasts on clothes forever, skin not so much. One of my personal favs I’ve tried from scent bird this far.
Great scent
pretty good
it smells good, but doesn't last very long
Definitely a floral scent that I think could be used for any occasion.
James by Rosie Jane
I liked it, but I think I would want something a bit more floral and feminine.
Too strong
All of the Rosie Jane scents start out super strong and then fade away completely. Not for me
Smells perfect and then its too much
I immediately smelled a real lilac, and then lily of the valley. It was a different hit than I'd smelled in a perfume and I thought they were really on to something. LIke someone put a dewy wet lilac in my face and then enveloped it in lily of the valley. Within about ten seconds it intensified and became WAY too strong. To be fair I tried it initially with two sprays so I thought maybe I should try again with only one spray, on my wrist, and at another time, on my neck to see if it made a difference. It didn't. To be honest I started to feel like it was an air freshener applied on the skin. It is fresh and vibrant and maybe wouldn't be the same on someone else's body chemistry.
better than I expected
it smells floral which isn't usually my style, but it works
I’m not a perfume snob
I’m a lover of alllllll perfume my taste is typical Gemini very eclectic 🥰 it lingers but it doesn’t last long so I still love Aqua Georgio Armani I love Madonna queen Latifah all ALL Chanel beautiful pleasures razzle dazzle by Sephora poison lavanilla the green chole which they don’t sell anymore or thr georgio or the razzle dazzle I still have the bottle tho Carolina Herrera the old Ralph Lauren Safari yes and Narsisco Rodriguez ❤️ the original black bottle Yaaas I get compliments on him all the time and madonnas and queen latifah too when I tell them madonnna and Queen they drop their jaws Narsisco they say I’m running and buying it like this one doesn’t stick but I like it would I buy it if it weren’t for free no . The point is is that I can’t be put in a box I grew up with a Mom with the best pheromones and her perfum smells you wanted to hold on to her sweaters perfume never smelled foul on her and so I appreciate perfume ok because of HER ! We don’t talk but still I’m fair . Perfume are everything thank God for perfumes oh and Marilyn Miglin even my phone spells her name LOVE HER !!! ❤️👑 any how still I like things being picked for me when I’m in a good mood I can be a real sport 😛😏 I didn’t mention all the ones I love Tom Ford All Tiffany’s Marc jacobs more thr first bottle Stella McCartney I still like this scent I couldn’t wait to open it so I appreciate the scent still !!!! I want Lavanilla next the original please read this people literally want to buy Madonna and Queen cause of me they have to still make theirs or give me the rights and I’ll sell it myself I get stopped on the street with all the ones I mentioned by men women children construction workers ???? Anyhow I still love this perfume this is a great thing even if I was super rich I would still get my subscription!!!! I would definitely purchase the full bottle of this perfume!
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