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Bvlgari reviews
Very nice fresh but lite scent
Like it
Great smell! Got lots of compliments
Scentbird with the win!
Accurate Review
This cologne screams I have a huge cock. It’s very masculine, very strong, and very distinct. Big fall/winter scent. You can’t wear this cologne if your 5’6 150lbs. In order to wear this cologne, you need a beard, massive bush companies by at least 6 1/2 inches of girth between your legs. I hope you’re bisexual because you will attract both men and women with this cologne.
Doe’s Last
Was not impressed. Used jasmine noir years ago and it was amazing. Not sure why they stopped making it. Was really hoping this would be a replacement!
Nice and light
Light flowery fragrance
Liked the scent
I’m sure you read them all, heck someone recommended it to me.
Soft, not overpowering, but nice scent
My 1st one! Nice and light! Wish I had more!
This was my 1st delivery and I am impressed. I had never heard of this scent and am looking online for a bigger body as we speak!
literally my favorite scent so far! I joined scentbird initially for gems for one of my phone games, but I turned out to love it! there has been one scent I didn't much care for but other than that I've loved everyone!!! I'm glad I had the chance to experience this cologne, because I'm definitely buying it now💯😎👀

Find Your Special Bvlgari Perfume

It’s not wise to tell someone with a mad passion for perfume about the cost of their obsession.

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Bvlgari is not only one of the finest designer fragrance lines, but their style is voluptuous, distinctive, and textured. No matter which scents you’re most comfortable wearing, Bvlgari has a fragrance that bestows an undeniable level of sophistication to even the most thrown-together options. From light, sparkling aquatic scents to lush and smooth evening fragrances, the Bvlgari style in unmistakeable for anything but luxurious abandon. carries a wide range of Bvlgari fragrances to suit any style, occasion, and mood. Our subscriptions come with a 30-day supply of any fragrance you select, so you have time to sample them in a variety of settings and truly call them your own. Our entry level subscription price is only $14.95, and our catalog of over 450 fragrances will keep your obsession well-fed for a long time. We invite you to sample our selection of Bvlgari eau de parfums and discover the depth of a true luxury fragrance line.

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