Find an Exceptional Bvlgari Perfume for Men

Bvlgari reviews
very subtle and nice...
It keeps its smell for awhile even aftef ur a hoer
Absolute killer!!
Couldn't receive enough compliments on how good it was and not to strong either.. perfect fresh scent
Smells amazing!
I love the scent of this perfume! I received many compliments about the scent
Best Fragrance Ever.
This is the best fall and winter fragrances out there. It's smells great especially with the sweeter notes in it. The longetivity is a good 6-8 hours and it's great for anything in the night time like dates or party events.
Smells overwhelming too strong makes ya lose your breath
Smells powdery and refreshing
Great smelling cologne
I feel like a QUEEN when I wear this fragrance!!Super elegant and sexy but it unfortunately isn’t really long lasting on me…
This is an amazing scent. It is exactly as described and you can smell every note. Very balanced and definitely a favorite of mine. I’m a big jasmine fan and I LOVE this scent. Scentbird recommended this one and it is definitely top 5 for me.
Girrrrrrlllll....Spend That Coinnn!!!!
I'm All For This Scent Right Here. Very Much Feminine, Very Much Im Here To Last Through The Day.! The Smell Reminds Me Of Like A Vanilla Dream Or Something Its Amazing Ik That Much. The Description Is Very Much Accurate.!

Find an Exceptional Bvlgari Cologne for Men

Bvlgari men’s cologne is an automatic choice when it comes to a well-made, complementary, and memorable fragrance. The Bvlgari style is all about refinement and detail – the quality of the essential oils and the longevity in these colognes speak for themselves. The definition of Bvlgari pour homme states that a well-dressed man doesn’t need to take over a room to gain attention, because authenticity speaks louder than words.

Bvlgari for men offers a comprehensive range of colognes to suit every taste and situation – from fresh, clean, and light aquatics to boulder colognes with leather and spice accents. And every release is fashioned with the versatility and sophistication to enjoy wearing year-round and with any style.

An entry-level subscription begins at $14.95, for a month’s supply of any Bvlgari cologne you select. Our generous sample size (enough for a 30-day use), makes it possible for you to fully blend the Bvlgari for men vision with your own style and scent profile. The Bvlgari men’s line is an excellent introduction to cologne that effortlessly accents the confidence of a well-dressed man.

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