Burberry Sport Perfumes

Burberry sport perfumes

Sport perfumes and sport colognes have become all the rage in recent years, but what are they? What makes a sport cologne or sport perfume different than any other fragrance? And why are they important in your collection?

Women’s perfume is traditionally floral, with either soft or glamorously dramatic textures. But today’s women don’t define themselves in the same light that their grandmothers did, and sport perfumes for women have filled the gap between “gramma” styles and the sensual, romantic feminine florals.

Sport colognes and perfumes are brighter, more energizing, and wearable (as the name implies) for gym workouts as well as the office. They excel in the energy they emanate off the skin rather than setting a mood.

Burberry is a fantastic option to experiment with the ‘sport’ style of scent – their line is subtle enough to wear to the office or the gym, but with enough focus and variety to keep things interesting while you wear their fragrances. And perhaps the best reason is that they are always appropriate for wherever life takes you – whether it’s to the altar on your wedding day or just to crush your personal best on the elliptical trainer.

Scentbird.com offers a curated collection of Burberry’s finest fragrances for $14.95 a month. For less than the price of a night out at the movies, you receive an entire month’s supply of your choice of Burberry fragrances that are ready immediately to incorporate into your daily work/life balance. We here at Scentbird.com adore this line, and believe no serious scent collection should be without it. So if you are new to the sporty style of perfume, or may need a fragrance with more complexity, Burberry has you covered.

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