Find Your Exceptional Burberry Perfume for Women

Burberry reviews
Didn’t last long
Scent only lasted like 30 mins
like it
like it
I smell good!
This is a new signature scent for me. A very earthy and aromatic scent, perfect for fall/winter. A little goes a long way and I love it.
It’s a good cologne I just wish it lasted longer
It smelt the same as the description it’s a good smelling cologne
Patty Pooh
It smells so good, I love it…..when my sister come in my room she tells me how good I smell, and my husband loves it also❤️
Isn’t something i normally go for but ended up loving it!
Not for me
Smells good, just not my preferred scent.
Wasn’t my scent at all gave it away
Nice and light
I was not prepared to like this perfume but wanted to try it anyway. I'm so glad I did!!
I just don't reach for it
Of all the fragrances I have, I never reach for this one.

Burberry perfumes for women

For anyone searching for a perfume that’s as sultry as it is sophisticated, Burberry is here for you.

Burberry perfumes contain everything you want in a statement-making, elegant perfume. Here’s how they make the magic happen:

How Burberry Can Make You Instantly Delicious

Top notes of green almond blend with pear and frosted lime quickly fade into the heady rush of sugared almonds and white peonies in full bloom. The bright florals and sweet vanilla base allow Burberry Brit to become a floral-gourmand hybrid scent that is as delicate as it is delicious.

How Burberry Can Turn Each Day Into a Never-Ending Tropical Vacation

Brit Sheer’s sunlit sparkle of yuzu, mandarin orange, and pineapple fades into a soft, floral heart of peonies, peach blossom, and sweet pea. White musk and amyris wood add a bright sheen to the florals, while the amyris wood’s creamy texture echoes the pineapple and lychee notes.

How Burberry Refines the Classics

London is a classic floral, with top notes of clementine and honeysuckle adding just the proper amount of citric energy to the powdered peonies and slightly green jasmine in the heart. The base of smooth sandalwood, soft patchouli and musk form the foundation on which this delightful floral rests. features not only these distinctive fragrances, but a complete range of Burberry perfumes to sample and fall in love with. Timeless sophistication with a luxurious English touch defines what Burberry fragrances are all about, and each one has its own voice to harmonize with your personal fashion statement.

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