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I like that scent soft smell like let’s talk
my review
it lasts a really long time. at first it's a little unpleasant because it smells like alcohol but once it's settles, it's not that bad. i don't think the musky scent suits me though
The smell was nice and not overpowering l!!
One of my favorites now
It was even better than I had expected it to be.
Such a fun flirty scent! I love it. Very nice to wear at work, or on a lunch date. Subtle but powerful.
New Favorite!
This scent smells just as it is described! It manages to have all the qualities of a perfect scent. (To my nose, at least!)
I love it
I'm so happy I love it
It stinks.
More feminine than I normally like and still love it
Still love how this smells even though I tend to gravitate towards more masculine scents!
Love this scent
This fragrance is similar to my other favorites and I love it. My only complaint is that it does not last long, AT ALL. So re-applying can get expensive.

Burberry Perfumes

When there’s so many perfumes out there to choose from, and all you’re looking for is a memorably luxurious scent to wear to work or from the office to after-hours adventures, it shouldn’t be difficult to discover your next favorite.

Burberry perfumes are the ultimate in English fragrance elegance. Their scents are crafted by the finest perfumers working today, and feature complex blends that effortlessly compliment your personal profile.

If you prefer a light, citrusy style for spring and summer, Burberry’s London bursts with top notes of juicy clementine and bright, green honeysuckle over a soft heart of jasmine and peony.

If a sweeter scent is what’s missing from your collection, check out Burberry’s Brit EDT and it’s frosted lime, pear, sugared almonds and delicious vanilla dry down.

For a dreamy fragrance with a little flower power, try Burberry’s Body. Green apple and absinthe fade into bracing tea and dewy iris notes.

No matter which scent you select, Burberry’s signature blends infuse each carefully-crafted fragrance with an easy elegance that pairs easily with whatever outfit you greet the day with.

Average rating: 3.67 (46247 ratings), 30864 reviews